Making Research A Popular Culture

We are dedicated to enhancing the creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge by collaborating closely with researchers, libraries, funders and publishers.

Creating Knowledge

SKS generates new knowledge that supports and informs the global community. We advance research by collaborating with universities and research institutions, designing projects that address real-world questions and deliver insights that guide practical applications.

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Disseminating Knowledge

Scientific Knowledge Sevices is an academic services company focused on better science communication for academics.

We represent publishers for sales, public procurement and publishing services. We build a trustful environment between publishers, libraries, researchers and funders

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Applying Knowledge

SKS provides consultancy in science administration to both public and private entities, helping design and implement strategies that incorporate open science. Our model promotes Focus, Agility, Excellence, and Coopetition throughout your organization.

We also develop services that enhance citizen science and societal engagement. Guided by LERU, SKS developed the BESPOC (Broad Engagement in Science, Point of Contact) prototype and offers its implementation as a consultancy service.

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We are a mission-driven organisation, with a “for-profit” model. Our mission is to make research a popular culture. 

Society should be an inclusive space where public, private, governmental, and non-governmental organisations, along with formal and informal communities, have an equal opportunity to contribute to the progress of our society, independent of their business model. We believe we can follow our mission by being a for-profit organisation, sometimes making a surplus and sometimes a loss. Being a mission-driven organisation also means that we adhere to a complex definition of Success, which revolves around measuring the progress made to achieve our mission and the velocity of our journey. The knowledge and skills we gain, the public support and trust we obtain, the partnerships we build, the financial results, and other possible outcomes are important to us for their purpose of supporting our mission-driven journey.


How do we approach our mission?

We foresee a society where research gains mainstream appeal, enabled by heightened transparency and deeper public engagement. Trust forms the backbone of research and is essential for its credibility.

Research should promote global peace, ensure universal access to knowledge, and support sustainability. We maintain that research is inherently a collaborative pursuit, demanding mutual trust in the integrity of peers and clear understanding from the broader society.


We promote and celebrate honesty, transparency, hard work, and politeness.  We embed them in our daily work and we use them to build all our decisions.

Our Core Values

We promote and celebrate these values! We embed them in our daily work and we use them to build all our decisions. 



Hard Work


Our Clients Say

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@KarelLuyben sets up our discussion: Fundamental research driven by curiosity is critical, linking to pragmatic and utility driven research and industry.
Our basis for collaboration:
– Respect
– Trust
– Friendship #OSBiz2020 

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