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Introduction and Rationale for a BESPOC at your research institution 

Your research recognizes the importance of citizen science in engaging the public, promoting Open Science principles, and contributing to research and innovation. To enhance the university’s commitment to citizen science, a single point of contact (BESPOC) will be established to streamline and support citizen science activities. We outline here the objectives, responsibilities, and guidelines for implementing the BESPOC at the university.


  1. To promote citizen science initiatives and engagement within the university and its surrounding communities.
  2. To provide researchers, staff, and citizens with a dedicated contact for citizen science projects, resources, and support.
  3. To facilitate collaboration between researchers, stakeholders, and the public in citizen science activities.
  4. To ensure transparency, accessibility, and effective communication in citizen science projects.

Role and Responsibilities of the BESPOC

  1. Act as the primary liaison between researchers, stakeholders, and citizen science participants.
  2. Provide information, guidance, and support to researchers interested in incorporating citizen science in their projects.
  3. Curate and disseminate relevant resources, funding opportunities, and best practices for citizen science.
  4. Organize training sessions and workshops to enhance the skills of researchers and volunteers in citizen science methodologies.
  5. Facilitate collaboration between researchers and external partners, including community organizations and NGOs.
  6. Monitor the progress and impact of citizen science projects and maintain records of their outcomes.
  7. Promote the dissemination of citizen science outcomes and achievements to the wider community.

The links to the original peer-reviewed article and the video we used to launch this prototype for a Citizen Science single point of contact at universities are:

@KarelLuyben sets up our discussion: Fundamental research driven by curiosity is critical, linking to pragmatic and utility driven research and industry.
Our basis for collaboration:
– Respect
– Trust
– Friendship #OSBiz2020 

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