Munich, 30th of January 2019 – updated March 4th, 2019

2019 Focus on Open Science series

We are happy to announce that we come close to finalise our 2019 series of Focus on Open Science.

UPDATE (March, 4th 2019) We will take this year a journey to Krosør (Denmark – 28.02), Turin (07.05), Rome (09.05), Lovran (Croatia – 15.05), London (23.05), Madrid (28.05), Gdansk (8.10), Graz (7.11), Budapest (17.09) and Kaunas (Lithuania – 29.10).

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@KarelLuyben sets up our discussion: Fundamental research driven by curiosity is critical, linking to pragmatic and utility driven research and industry.
Our basis for collaboration:
– Respect
– Trust
– Friendship #OSBiz2020