New strategic alliance between CWTS BV and SKS

Leiden /Munich, 24 March 2020
New strategic alliance between CWTS BV and SKS

The Centre for Science and Technology Studies at Leiden University (CWTS BV) and Scientific Knowledge Services (SKS) have entered into a collaboration in which we offer consultancy services for organisations that are interested in improving the way they practice their current research assessment exercises.

CWTS and SKS are both committed to the principles of Open Science and recognize the importance of new research assessment frameworks for improving the understanding of research achievements.

It is a common opinion among research organisations, funders and other research stakeholders that the current research metrics that are mainly based on quantitative metrics that measure the research output is no longer suitable to assess an increasingly complex system like the modern research.

The newly mission-driven European research framework programme (Horizon Europe) is just confirming that (doi:10.2777/014023) through its 12th recommendation.
Download the document to read more.
New strategic alliance between CWTS BV a
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