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Virtual & Hybrid Scholarly Events

We are aiming to improve different aspects of scholarly communication by providing consultancy and technology to our partners who want to organise engaging and
impactful online and hybrid events. 

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Organising events
is not just about


  • Live event, real studio, better quality than your usual webinars
  • Pre & Post-Conference Activity
  • Enhanced video presentations
  • Workflow optimisations
  • Professional background team
  • Interactivity tools
  • Better engagement and conversations
  • Trainings for speakers
  • Face the music!

Open Science Consultancy

SKS offers consultancy for science administration, to public and private organisations about designing and implementing tailored strategies that embed open science approaches.

We promote a model that combines Focus, Agility, Excellence and Coopetition across your organisation..

Citizen Science & BESPOC

We consult organisations to develop citizen science support services and engage better with the broader society.

Guided by the LERU recommendation to build a citizen science single point of contact at universities (LERU 20th Advice Paper, 2016; PDF), we created a prototype called BESPOC (Broad Engagement in Science, Point of Contact).

BESPOC (Broad Engagement in Science, Point of Contact) is a prototype of a citizen science single point of contact.

We picked the LERU recommendation to build a citizen science single point of contact at universities and we created a prototype called BESPOC.

We are currently developing the implementation model and a network of such BESPOCs. We offer the implementation as a consultancy service.

Find out more in this video!​

Focus on Open Science

SKS started Focus on Open Science series in 2015, in collaboration with UCL Press and the European Association of Research Libraries (LIBER).

We deliver workshops across Europe, recognising our diverse research environment. For more information, visit

Through these workshops we aim to address the challenges posed by Open Science, using the 8 pillars of Open Science identified by the European Commission in its Open Science Policy Platform.

The mission statement for the workshops is: “Promote the concept of, values and best practices in the Open Science to European communities.”


Our role is to establish better, stronger and more transparent relationships with users of sources of scientific information. We provide education and support to users along the way, helping to build a better understanding of local conditions, as well as establishing more transparent criteria and processes for meaningful selection of sources of scientific information.

We successfully cooperate with the most important consortia, universities and scientific institutes in the countries in which we operate.

Scientific Knowledge Services is an international company that partners with scientific publishers and service providers to advance scientific papers such as SpringerNature, Taylor and Francis, British Medical Journal, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, IOP Publishing, Elsevier Clinical Solutions, iGroup and Digital Science, Charlesworth, Enago, Open Knowledge Maps and others.


With our partners, we create a series of reports about what research libraries could offer and expect in the new landscape.

Research libraries share the vision to improve access to Europe’s research results through Open Science and improved discovery.

@KarelLuyben sets up our discussion: Fundamental research driven by curiosity is critical, linking to pragmatic and utility driven research and industry.
Our basis for collaboration:
– Respect
– Trust
– Friendship #OSBiz2020 

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