9 May 2024

We are a small team based in Germany, Hungary, and Croatia. We are a mission-driven organisation, with a “for-profit” model. Our mission is to make research a popular culture.

Our values are Honesty, Hard Work, Transparency, Politeness. We promote and celebrate these values! We embed them in our daily work and we use them to build all our decisions.

The director of the company is Tiberius Ignat.

Short biography:

Tiberius Ignat is the Director of SKS Knowledge Services, a mission-driven company operating in the quaternary sector of the economy to make Research a popular culture.  In partnership with UCL Press, he runs a successful series of workshops – Focus On Open Science, now in its 10th year. After being a long-time individual member of the European Association of Research Libraries (LIBER), he became a LIBER Associate through his company, where he is now the co-chair of the LIBER Citizen Science Working Group.

Tiberius founded and served as the vice-chair of the Working Group “Citizen Science at University” at the European Citizen Science Association, and he is a member of the Association for Advancing Participatory Sciences (US). He is a member of the Scientific Committee for OAI, the CERN – Geneva University Workshop on open science and a member of the core group at EARMA’s Open Science Thematic Group (The European Association of Research Managers and Administrators).

Tiberius is an EU Expert and occasionally accepts tasks to assess research proposals under EU funding schemes. 

He was part of the Sorbonne Declaration on Research Data Rights organising committee.

Tiberius Ignat has a PhD in Library and Information Science from the University of Bucharest and is an active researcher in research management, participatory science, and the impact of new technology on the research cycle.

The company is registered in Germany, under:

Registration Nr.: HRB 274773

VAT no: DE353087049

Address: Marschnerstr. 8, 81245 Munich, Germany

All content on this website is under copyright. All rights are reserved. Some images displayed on this website are licensed from third parties. Sometimes we provide links to external webpages. We don’t assume liabilities for the content of such external webpages.

We put our best efforts to keep this website updated and complete. We recognise the possibility to fail on this task. Therefore, we do not offer any waranty in regards to timestamp, accuracy and completeness of the information displayed on this website. We disclaim all liability for the use of the information from this website.

We are reluctant in collecting any data from our visitors, but our website may be visited by robots that do so. We are collecting minimum required data from individuals that register to our events or that contact us through the contact form. Here is our data protection policy.

@KarelLuyben sets up our discussion: Fundamental research driven by curiosity is critical, linking to pragmatic and utility driven research and industry.
Our basis for collaboration:
– Respect
– Trust
– Friendship #OSBiz2020 

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